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You can do a garage door opener installation in an afternoon. New units come with all the hardware, except door re-enforcement if needed. Installation instructions and specifications are included in your user manual. Chain drive garage door openers are the most common and the least expensive. If noise is a factor, chain drive is the noisiest.

Screw drive openers cost a bit more but have fewer moving parts and are quieter. The belt drive opener is the quietest and the most expensive of the main three types. Installation of the Wayne Dalton is too complicated and dangerous for most Do-It-Yourselfers. There is more expensive than the others plus the added expense of professional installation. However, the may be worth the added expense if you need more overhead clearance in your garage.

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Pull the door up about a foot, then release door. It should close slowly on its own. Then lift the door halfway open and release. When you release the door, it should stay in this position. Next, open the garage door completely. Pull the door down about a foot. When you release, the door should go back up slowly to the fully open position.

If the garage door needs adjustment, call a professional to make the adjustments. You may be able to adjust tension springs (there is one above each track) yourself if you still have your owners manual. The door should be fully open during adjustment to release tension in the springs. Check your garage door to make sure it operates smoothly. Oil the bearings and hinges, but not the track. Oiling the track will cause dirt build-up. If roller bearings are worn, replace the rollers. Make sure all fasteners are tight.

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Garage Doors replaces and installs new overhead doors, gates, and obviously Garage Doors. We are a full service company that does it all. We have certified professional Garage Door Contractors that can do it all so don’t be afraid to call us over and have us measure your Garage Doors and provide you with a  free written estimate on how much it would cost if you wanted to replace or install a new garage door. Taking it into your own hands to try to solve the problem or even fix the problem can cause serious injury or even a possible major accident. Call Garage Door today and we can help you with your broken garage door springs.

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